Welcome to Bay Area Boot Therapy.

Do you get tired by the end of the day? Are your feet sore? Do you miss where you want to turn? Are you sliding around instead of carving your turns? Are you tired and worn out? All these can be caused by your boot setup.

By allowing you to be balanced, front to back and side to side at the start of the day, you can enjoy longer runs more varied terrain and less fatigue.

Boot fitting is more than finding a boot that will perform to your ability.  We at Boot Therapy will look at the shape of your foot, ankle and lower leg. In the past you had to adapt to the boot hence the discomfort and having to change your style of skiing to that of the boot and ski. i.e. Use more muscle than you need to. By making modifications to the shell of the boot you can stand naturally in the boot without using other muscles to help compensate just stand in the boot. Remember the less muscle you use the longer you can stay out skiing.

First you need a supportive insole under your feet. Did you know that you can exert over two g’s of force when skiing, that’s like two times you body weight in your feet. Next is to find a boot you can comfortably stand in. Next we modify the boot to the contours of your foot and lower leg then balance your stance so you will be able to ski flat with minimum of effort. Last is to adjust the height and make adjustments for odd shapes, bunions, spurs, broken pieces so you won’t move or twist inside the boot.

Enjoy your next trip up skiing. If you see me call out I’ll make a run with you.

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